A retreat is not a luxury…it’s a necessity.

Most women tend to put their own needs AFTER everyone else’s.

But what if you took the time to step out of your everyday life and come to a place where you can feel free to rest and restore your heart, mind, and soul?

What would that look like?
Where would you begin?
How would it feel?

In our busy lives, it’s become essential — a necessity — to take time and create stillness.


To set aside time to encounter the Divine.
Within us.  ~  Outside of us.  ~  Within each other.

At a Heart Restoration retreat, you’ll find yourself

slowing down
breathing more deeply
discovering new ways to focus and be still
connecting with God in a deeply personal way
learning to creatively play without judgment
gathering tools to continue a contemplative and peaceful way in your day-to-day life
finding ways to maintain your Heart’s Restoration


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